ARVO Annual Meeting Satellite Symposia Policy


The ARVO Board of Trustees has recognized that Annual Meeting attendees seek to maximize their educational opportunities and fulfill their professional responsibilities while at a location with so many of their colleagues.

Definition of Satellite Symposia

Satellite Symposia are non-ARVO-sponsored scientific/educational programs that offer educational content through presentations, lectures, posters, etc. including CME and non-CME accredited activities. ARVO Annual Meeting attendees may attend Satellite Symposia, but Satellite Symposia are not planned or sponsored by ARVO.

Scheduling of Satellite Symposia

Satellite Symposia may not be scheduled during the official week of the ARVO Annual Meeting, defined as Saturday through Thursday, with the exception of Saturday evening after 6pm or Thursday after the end of the last ARVO scientific session.

General Guidelines

  • ARVO encourages eye- and vision-related organizations to work with the ARVO Annual Meeting Program Committee and Professional Development and Education Committee to develop and cosponsor programs that augment the official scientific program or provide professional and personal development for participants. The content of cosponsored programs must be approved by the ARVO Annual Meeting Program Committee Chair or the Professional Development and Education Committee Chair.
  • Requests for Satellite Symposia must be made in writing and approved by ARVO.
  • There is no fee to organize a Satellite Symposium in conjunction with the ARVO Annual Meeting, but the organizer is required to register the program with the ARVO Director of Meetings and Education or ARVO Education Program Manager.
  • Organizers of Satellite Symposia are responsible for all arrangements, including meeting space, decorator, audiovisual, setup, and all costs must be borne by the organizers. All event expenses must be paid promptly and non-payment may result in action by ARVO.
  • Satellite Symposia will not be listed in Annual Meeting-related publications.
  • No named lectureships will be permitted at Satellite Symposia.
  • Satellite Symposia may not include the word “Keynote” in the title.
  • ARVO will not endorse or financially support scientific meetings other than those organized or cosponsored by ARVO. (Approved by Board of Trustees, October 30, 2004.)

Breach of Policy

Failure to adhere to the policy may result in any or all of the following actions by ARVO:

  • Cancellation of Satellite Symposia;
  • Refusal to allow company or group the opportunity to exhibit or hold symposia, meetings, or other events in ARVO-controlled meeting facilities in current year or a specified number of future years.

Approved: ARVO Board of Trustees, June 23, 2009

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