Jargon-free Science

One day, you may only have an elevator ride to explain your research to a potential donor. Will you be ready? View examples of how ARVO members have described their science to the general public.

Thesis in Three Competition

Can you explain your research in three slides? In three minutes? To high school students? Members submitted their narrated presentations as part of the ARVO 2015 Annual Meeting contest. 

How would you explain your science to a child?

The ARVO 2014 Annual Meeting contest asked members to translate their work into language a 12-year-old would understand. It's harder than you think!

2014 Hot Topics: cutting-edge research for the layman

Hot Topics are the newest and most innovative research projects being presented at the ARVO Annual Meeting, as selected by the ARVO Annual Meeting Program Committee.

We asked Hot Topic researchers to supplement their technical presentations with summaries accessible to the press and public.

A World Without Research

The ARVO 2013 Annual Meeting contest asked members to create videos of how their research has changed their lives or the lives of their patients.

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